Worthy Minute by George Whitten – 11.4.2020


As I finished the Worthy Brief [ https://worthybrief.com ] last night … lots of shenanigans in the vote-counting was flooding my Twitter feed.

Across Arizona and Nevada, impromptu Trump rallies took place outside of polling stations as supporters prayed, chanted Trump, and PEACEFULLY protested.

However, Antifa and BLM rioters took to the streets of Portland and Denver last night chanting, “No borders, No walls, No USA at all!”

Many Antifa activists in Portland were outraged that leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler won his election and will continue to serve as their Mayor. So they vented as they targeted businesses as this has continued since May!

The mainstream media continues to promote the narrative that businesses in DC and NYC were boarded up to protect from Trump supporters. And yet, last night at least 20 BLM activists were arrested in NYC for rioting.

Former Mayor Guiliani is heading up the Trump campaign investigations into voter fraud. I have my suspicions that this election will end up sending a lot of people to jail. I don’t have enough evidence to publish anything substantial, but I watch carefully body language, specific words used, which leads me to believe we may be witnessing the end of vote manipulation in the United States when this is all done. People will demand ‘security’ in the electoral process. Similar to Florida — as they went through the ‘hanging chads’ in 2000 — and through legislation have ironed out many of their voting issues. Their count was finished speedily and we knew the results at a reasonable hour. Of course, Florida wasn’t called until the very end — can you say MSM collusion in steering the narrative? Be wary of the propagandists!

As many of you know, I read over 200 newspapers daily which translates into roughly 2000 headlines a day. Until this week … it seemed every headline was COVID! Apparently, this is not the case any longer! Remember on election day … this was the headline that I cracked up over — CDC says people sick with COVID-19 can break quarantine to vote in-person. ( Source: https://worthylinks.com/4oc ). Apparently, the CDC didn’t mind if you spread COVID if you were doing your civic duty! Hypocrites!
Don’t allow FEAR to feed into your life … for the Lord has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of LOVE, of POWER, and a SOUND mind!

Until next time … Be blessed and be a minister of reconciliation in the midst of the chaos!

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