The Great Wall, the Silk Road, and is the way of the Kings of the East being prepared?


The founder and editor of Worthy News, George Whitten, discusses the current events taking place concerning China. How it relates to ancient history as well as modern history. The role of Christians understanding the circumstances that we’re currently in, as well as seizing the opportunities before us!

Wars and Rumors of War, Yemen, and Is the end of Endless Wars?


The editor and founder of Worthy News, George Whitten, explains the current conflict with Saudi Arabia and Yemen. How this fits into Islamic eschatology? The events taking place are a reflection of an Islamic civil war between Sunnis and Shi’ites. This video will explain how the death of Saudi King Abdullah was directly connected to the collapse and the current crisis in Yemen. This video will explain how these things are connected to prophecy … and how you can pray into these current events.

Blood Red Moons, Pipelines, and Revival in the Middle East


The editor and founder of Worthy News, George Whitten, explains the connection to the blood moons of 2014-2015 setting the stage for the Gog and Magog war. The discovery of a massive oil field in the Golan Heights, the beginning of Russian involvement in Syria in September – October 2015.

When one follows the money … then one understands why the strategic planning of pipelines and how this is setting the stage for prophecy to be fulfilled.

While the Sunni nations are aligning themselves against Iran, this is setting up the stage for the revival and restoration of Iran.

Cycles, Civil War, and a possible coup d’etat


The editor and founder of Worthy News, George Whitten, explains the cyclical pattern of God and how they relate to the election cycles that we are currently in. The possible collapse of either the Democratic or the Republican party, and setting up of a coup d’etat in the event of a loss in an election.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Solomon’s Lost Treasure, and the Ethiopian Dam … and your calling!


The editor and founder of Worthy News, George Whitten, explains how the dam in Ethiopia is connected to the last days … to Solomon’s treasure, the drying up of the Nile, the civil war coming in Egypt, and the coming of the next Temple.

Middle East Peace, Secret Meetings, Kushner, the Saudis, and a city called Nome


Watch as George Whitten, Editor and Founder of Worthy News, discusses the Middle East Peace agreements, along with the secret meetings that Jared Kushner has been having with the Saudis. How is this is directly connected to a city named Nome?

Civil War and the Death of the Democratic Party?


The upcoming 2020 elections in America … is this the death of the democratic party? Is this the end of America? How will America respond — as in the days of Ninevah … will it repent as in the days of Jonah or will it reject the message of Nahum as he prophecied to Nivevah and be destroyed? What is our role in these days … and how will we respond?